Recently I tweeted about how much I was enjoying the content that’s available on NZ on Screen and tonight Laura and I were lucky enough to get along to the launch of the Wellington staging of the New Zealand on Screen Installation.

This wee beauty is down on the waterfront and is simply a shipping container.

What is not at all simple about it is the fact that inside is one of the sweetest hands on media experience out there! You can choose the content you want simply by waving your hand around! And what content it is… there’s music videos, TV clips, short films, documentaries and more visual joy than I could handle in one sitting. 

Everything is categorized for ease of use and not only is it a great opportunity to spend some time appreciating the awesome work that New Zealand has produced over the years but…IT’S FREE!! I know I’ll be heading back to check it out again. If you aren’t in Wellington the installation will be stopping at Auckland as well. If you aren’t in the North Island then keep your eye out for one of the most high-tech caravans on the road throughout the South Island with a whole bunch of this content.

And finally, if you are unlucky enough not to live in NZ or can’t get to the installation check out the NZ on Screen site at the link at the top as it’s fantastic. An incredible resource and the perfect way to spend an hour or ten when you have the time.



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